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Aeselforeningen is a countrywide association where all donkey-interested can join.

The association was founded in May 1995

In Aeselforeningen, we will promote awareness of donkeys and generate interest in donkeys as agricultural and companion animals.

We hold various events around the country, participating in the hobby exhibitions, etc. + much more exciting.

Registration: Everybody can get their donkeys registrated in the

Subscription: 150 Dkr. annually.

Aeselforeningen publish the member magazine Æsel-Nyt (Donkey-News) four times

It contains:

Current material

Reference to arrangements

Professional material



Articles from members

Adverts - Buy & sale

Activity calendar

And much more...

The association is furthermore in contact with associations and private
persons abroad, where we will assist in arranging contacts


Something about donkeys


Donkeys are charming and intelligent animals. They are hardy, willing to
work. They have staying power and are generally robust, and they are rather
resistant to a disease.

Donkeys have their own special personality, they are friendly and patient.
Therefore they are perfect as pets for both children and grown-ups. Their
strength makes them ideal for driving and riding. They are highly suitable
for people with disabilities too.

Donkeys are found in height from about 70 cm to about 160-170 cm and in
several different colours.

In the summer the feed mainly consist of grass with supplement of straw. In
the winter hay and straw with supplement of beets, carrots or something
similar. They should have access to a mineral stone most of the

Naturally they have to be vaccinated, get vermifuge, dental examinations and
regularly taken care of their hoofs.

The gestation period is 12 sometimes 13 - 13½ months and there is nothing
more charming in the animal kingdom than a little donkey foal with its long
ears, pretty face and downy fur.

The jenny normally gets heat every three weeks. The first time possibly in
the age of 8-9 months, but it is much too early to breed. It has to be 3 or
4 years old. It always depends on the age and not the height, when the jenny
may come in contact with a stallion.

The stallions normally start to be sexually mature, when they are 12-13
months. If they are not going to be used for breeding, you better have them
gelded as soon as possible.

Foals can be weaned at the age of 8-9 months never before 6 months. Donkeys
can go about outside all year, but they need a shelter, so that they can get

under cover